Happy New Year Lovlies!!! Half of us are probably broke by the third day of the year from partying on New Years eve and figuring out where did all that money go??? And the gifts you brought using your credit cards for Christmas might only further lower you bank balance. Talking about gifts, we give a hell lotta gifts to our Families, Friends and sometimes your boss when is escalation period (no one is judging you!). So this time I would like to suggest you’ll some gifts that would last for lifetime. Are you ready? Let’s go!!!


1) Gift of Friendship

In this superbusy life of ours, where if we do not post a tweet or message someone on whatsapp or be on facebook for a couple of days, people would presume you are dead! And I personally find it difficult to keep up with these things. In times like this it is very difficult to find some ME time. By ME time, I don’t mean the time we spend watching TV, shopping or grooming ourselves. I mean spending some quality time with you and actually honestly trying to get to know yourselves. You may have friends, best friends or boyfriends/girlfriends who Claim to know everything about you. But no one can know you better than YOU. No one can know your thoughts, no one knows what you like the most and no one knows your deepest desires better than you. Because I can honestly tell you, when you face a problem or tragedy only you can help yourself out. You will need some help from your friends and family but that would not matter if you don’t help yourself. And how will you help yourself if lately you don’t know what you are really going through? It is important to talk to yourself, get to honestly know yourself. Are you good? Do you get angry easily? Are you sensitive or are you stubborn? Get to know yourself, eliminate the negatives within you and smile and embrace the positive ones and spend rest of your life loving yourselves. Can we be honest there is no one in this world who is like you with your unique set of qualities and dreams. So be your best friend, because the answers to some of the biggest questions you have in life are hidden within you!


2) Gift of Trust

In today’s day and age, trust seems to be Non-Existent. So much as so that forget placing our trust in others, we fail to trust our own selves and our instincts. You may have goals to achieve and dreams, but those bouts of doubts of WHAT IF’S? just seem to knock you down. We are so much obsessed with what is IN? and what will people think? That we blindly follow what the majority is doing even when your heart and soul tells you to pursue something else. I know many of you might be thinking like “yeah. I trust myself’ and “ I don’t know about others but I listen to my heart” well let me just ask you a question, how many times have you backed out of something that interested you? Or how many times have you thought of not voicing your opinions thinking you would screw up? So you are counting. Well I know those incidents would be too many to count with your fingers. Let me tell you this, your life is too short to live by others instincts and opinions. If you have an opinion about something, say it out loud and if you have a desire to do something go ahead and do it! For whose permission are you waiting for? It is better to live with your mistakes that teach you than regrets that of not doing them.


3) Gift of Mercy

Mercy seems to be the hardest thing to give. Even though we tend to forget other peoples mistakes easily, we are sometimes incapable of forgiving ourselves. Be it past mistakes, failures or heartbreaks, brooding over them ain’t going to help you get over them. We make mistakes, but the thing we should do is learn from it and move on. Failures are indicators that you are trying something new and making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad or incapable person. So if you have made a mistake, cry, be sad about it. But do look at the lesson you have learnt from it. Because can we be real, Though we commit a mistake and think it is the end of the world just look back at all the difficulties you have faced.. but you have still made it this far. So the trick is learning the lesson and starting anew! It is your hand to forgive your mistakes and turning the boulder of failure into a stepping stone that would give you a headstart in life!


4) Gift of Courage

This is going to be some serious talk. We are so concerned with the acceptability from the society that we sometimes let go of our dreams and worst lose our own identity by trying to be someone else because our real self wont be ‘good enough’ for others. Let me tell you something it takes courage to be You, it takes courage to leave your comfort zone and travel uncharted paths for your dreams but I can guarantee you it would lead to something amazing and beautiful. You maybe going through difficult situations but that are what makes you such an awesome person! Look at what you have accomplished so far, this wouldn’t have been possible without your courage, belief and hardwork. So what make you think you aren’t strong enough? So have the..

a) Courage to follow your dreams

b) Courage to speak out your mind

c) To be yourself

        Let me tell you this- Life is like a boxer and it is going to knock you down again and again but it takes courage to get up and face it for the next round!

Have a nice weekend! Ciao.