According to a survey of Flurry Insights, 49.1 percent of smartphones sold past Christmas (2014) in the world have been from Apple. Next in the ranking was Samsung, which preferred by just under 20% of consumers.

After Apple's 49.1 percent and Samsung with 19.8%, Microsoft's mobile division indicated in the table as Nokia (2%), followed by LG with 1.7 percent and China's Xiaomi 1.5 percent.

While Microsoft's sales share decreased by 5.8 percent of last past Christmas, and Sony drops out of the top five, according to the Flurry Insights.

The same study claims that for the holidays this year 27% percentage PHABLETS were sold as compared to 13% for Christmas 2014.

However, statistics are not based on official data from the manufacturers and is uncertain. It is striking, for example, that the number one in China and the top 5 in the world Huawei did not appear on the list, but Xiaomi qualifies.