The first question which arrives in your mind after you read the headline is What Is Oral Cancer? Oral Cancer is nothing but we can say mouth cancer. One of the most common sexually transmitted infections is Oral Cancer or HPV.

During sex with partners Oral cancer is one of the common infections which are developed in to the mouth of both men and women. Sex is not only the source for it but this could also happen through Tobacco and alcohol use or smoking and more use of tobacco is also responsible for this Cancer.

The HVP Infections increase with the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus and also which can drive the cancer in the head and neck along with the number of oral sex partners.

The report of the researchers said that men are much more affected with this oral HPV than women. Women are mostly not affected by this cancer while having sex with their partners.

 For men, the number of oral sex partners is responsible for the increase in this virus but in case of women this virus does not increase or spread mostly as compared to men.