As per Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to connect every Indian and enrich their lives, a smartphone is mandatory to complete this aim. Smartphone is really doing well in the Indian electronic markets with advance features for all common people.

A local smartphone manufacturer Ringing Bells launches its new phone in the market with the cheapest price tag which is below Rs. 500. This smartphone is called the Freedom 251.

This smartphone is India's cheapest smartphone and most low cost smartphone in the world approximately $7.

The purpose of the Freedom 251 also reminds of Aakash tablet, also known as Datawind Ubislate 7+, government also promotes this device to college student with an Internet-browsing machine at affordable computing.  

The smartphone Freedom 251 which is below Rs. 500 would also improve the lifestyle of people in the country with a low income. The company is working for this device project on a large scale manufacturing production. Now it would be very interesting to see that the company Ringing Bells would make it up to the mark or not.