The S7 smartphone is a 5.1 –inch big screen with its own Exynos or Qualcomm inc. processors this is an advance feature with a large 5.5 Edge model equipped with all new advance feature which the company debuted last year.

This new smartphone looks almost like Samsung S6 line whereas Samsung brings its own new memory card slot and adding a longer life battery with high power.  

"The market for the smartphone is obviously slowing down a little bit," Jean-Daniel Ayme, vice president of European telecom operations at Samsung, said in an interview. It is "still growing," he said, "but there is much more than just a phone that you're holding in your hands. When you're using one of these new devices, this is more than a phone, this is your camera, your MP3 player, your TV, your recorder, it's everything and more, and more is coming."

This smartphone is more powerful as the battery lasts the whole day and the performance of this device is high very easy to use and this phone has advance feature. "This phone is more powerful than any phone we have launched in the past, but it also has optimized software that will reduce the battery drain, and we have managed to put a larger battery in a smaller package."