Pizza Hut recently announces a new online ordering platform i.e Chatbot through Facebook Messenger and Twitter. This initiative would help the customers to order their Pizzas and other menu items by using Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

The company says that this platform would be started from August across Pizza Hut social media accounts and also is set to commence at the 2016 Venturebeat Mobile Beat Conference in San Francisco with a demo given by Baron Concors, the Chief Digital Officer, Pizza Hut.

The company assumes that this platform would help to interact with the audience and would also have a conversational ordering. This platform would help the customers with a quick and easy ordering experience as they are always active on these social media.

The easy ordering experience would also help the users to connect their Facebook accounts to their Pizza Hut accounts to reduce the information required while ordering. There is no extra cost to this online ordering from social sites. And once the order is confirmed a receipt will be mailed to the customer as well as an order confirmation would be sent to their messenger conversation.

With this initiative Pizza Hut would compete with Domino's as they had introduced this ordering system through Twitter since last year. Also one can order Domino's via Apple Watch app too.