Well this has nothing to do with the Justin Bieber's song. If you thought I would be writing a feature on that, I'd be like... Say what.. What do you mean???

 We are starting a new series on Mediahawkz feature page called 'What Do You Mean' where we will post awesome sauce stuff as to what people say and what whacked out things they actually do.

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 Here is a New one for yalll! ENJOY!

1) What they say- "Sorry, was busy, that is why i didn't answer your call"

   What it actually means- Lying on the couch, too lazy to pick your call


2) What they say- " I will meet you by 11:30"

   What it actually means- They will be there by 12.30 or later


3)  What they say- " Yo, Can i borrow your T-shirt, I will give it back to you in 2 days "

   What it actually means- Its going to lie in their closet for the next couple of months.


4)  What they say- "Enough of studying... I am going to take a power nap"

   What it actually means- Not wake for next couple of hours.


5)  What they say- "I AM NOT GOING BACK TO HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!"

   What it actually means- Probably deciding whether to call/text their EX!


6)  What they say- "I am on DIET"

   What it actually means- They will order Diet Coke with cheese burst pizza


7)  What they say- "I swear. I started studying at 9"

   What it actually means- They probably don't even know what is in the syllabus.


8)  What they say- "There is this new guy in our class, He is so CUTE"

   What it actually means- Probably stalked him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Google+


9)  What they say- "Ohh its your Birthday tomorrow? Well I am busy, is that tomorrow???"

   What it actually means- They are planning a surprise for you!


10)  What they say- "Dude, I didn't do my homework"

   What it actually means- they really didn't do it.


11)  What they say- "I will be there on time, I am leaving my house"

   What it actually means- getting out of bed


12)  What they say- "I am going to break up with him!!! He keeps forgetting our anniversary"

   What it actually means- How can he forget our first holding hands in movie anniversary?


13)  What they say- "Yes I will send you the selfies once I reach home"

   What it actually means- won't send it till you pester them for like..... forever


14)  What they say- "I went shopping yesterday.. Bought FEW stuff"

   What it actually means- they spent half of their month's salary on shopping


15)  What they say- "Sorry was cleaning my room.. So didn't come online"

   What it actually means- Playing Candy Crush or Temple Run on their Phone


16)  What they say- "I did hardcore workout today"

   What it actually means- Probably did 5 crunches and later ate snickers bar


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