Apple Inc.

Since few days we have come across rumours about iPhone 8, that Apple is planning to introduce its next flagship smartphone with a premium version including OLED display. Now the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is already testing ten prototypes of the device, including a model with a curved high-resolution display.

It also reports that Apple's plan for an iPhone with a curved display is not new, and now confirms that development is now at a prototype level. Tim Cook, however, may decide not to release this model as the final one, because he has about ten prototypes in his kit.

We would like to remind you that according to earlier rumours, iPhone 8 with OLED screen may be the third model in Apple's proposals next year. It is also expected that this device is more costly than the standard version, as the production of OLED panels is not only slow but also more expensive.

Interestingly, until now rumours of the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 features largely overlap, Samsung and Apple seem once again come out in a frontal collision.