HTC has released a teaser image, which suggests an emerging premiere early next year. It is not clear whether it is an announcement of a new smartphone or other news.

Image reads simply "For U", leaving much to the imagination.

It is possible to mention the new top model of the company, which until recently have been in the news and as codenamed HTC Ocean. Recently, however, we have not heard reports about this device, and it would be a change in the strategy of the Taiwanese firm to overtake competitors with the flagship.

Other options include that HTC is preparing a new series of midrange smartphones called - HTC U - and is not excluded that this might be the name of the updated interface of HTC Sense.

The date of an announcement is January 12, 2017 - just a few days after the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, maybe because they don't want to share the flashlight with other rivals.