By the end of the month, Samsung is expected to announce the results of its reinvestigation about the outbreak units of Galaxy Note 7, but now experts are ready with their theories to the problem.

According to the Manufacturing Engineering Company Instrumental's analysis, "the aggressive design" of Phablet is identified as a primary cause of the explosions.

Mecha Industries, Inc.

Mecha Industries, Inc.

As stated by the specialists from the site, Note 7 has too little space around the battery, and even this fact can lead to ignition. When batteries are charged, they expand a little and about 10 percent additional space is required, but the battery entirely filled its 5.2-millimetre-deep pocket, with tiny space around the edges. Add the usual pressures of day-to-day handling, and the risk of explosion goes up.

Initially, Samsung believed that it is a battery issue, and offered to repair affected phones. When they had replaced old batteries and returned phones to the consumers then again several weeks later, new batteries were exploded. That made Samsung to not only stop its production of Note 7, but it also called off entire product line.