Artificial intelligence has long been a controversial issue, and now new White House report stresses that investment in this field of study is a major factor in the country's economic growth. However, significant conflicts could also be created in the tough labour market in future.

According to a post on the official White House blog stating the Government Institute under Barack Obama published a new report, which highlights the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in transforming US economy over the coming years and decades.

The new report explains the history of automation in the economy and also mentions solutions to prevent the overhaul of human work by machines in the long term.

A so-called artificial intelligence (AI) is an algorithm that works according to specific patterns that resemble human thought processes. The machines equipped with these devices are capable of collecting, processing and reacting independently. Together with robotics, some of the creative work of man can be taken over and more efficiently carried out, but in opinion, this could be a potential threat to human labour.

Still a Controversial Issue

Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in our society in future, especially with the increase of robotics. Maybe in a few years, robots can not only finish more complex work, but they can make a far-reaching part of workers redundant.

Especially in the economy, AI already plays a dominant role: many companies already base their business concept on such a development of technology. Thus, in a recent study of entrepreneurs between 40 and 60 percent indicated that they set the strategic focus and the financial investment in advanced technology.

In the White House report, entrepreneurs are recommended to invest in artificial intelligence and its development. This includes the development of the machines and AI software.

The report comprises approximately 50 pages in its original length and can be accessed by clicking here.