A few days ago unofficial images appeared that were supposed to reveal the design of the still unannounced OnePlus 5. The casing of the device strongly resembled the iPhone 7 Plus, and because of that, there was a suspicion on authenticity. Now It turned out, that there is no ambiguity, and the new Chinese smartphone is actually a copy of an Apple iPhone.

Details about the concept of OnePlus 5 are now official since the company formally announced its launch of the device on a Facebook page. It is evident that not only a dual camera but overall design of the device is largely overlapped with that of the iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, logos are different.

We expect the global premiere of OnePlus 5 on June 20, (June 22 Mumbai, India) and then it will become clear about all the details, features and its price which it is said could reach up to $515 (approx 33000 INR).