According to the reports on the internet, Google can officially announce its latest Android 8.0 version at any moment, since we can expect new smartphones at the IFA fair (1-6 September) in Berlin with the new version of Android. Corresponding this backdrop, the data for the distribution of the one-year of Android Nougat came out, and the situation is more desperate than ever.

Nougat's share is 13.5 percent or only 13.5 percent of Google's smartphones and tablets use its most up-to-date Android version. Moreover, when the final release of Android 8.0 officially comes out in the next two to three weeks, even those handful of devices will already have an outdated software.

Of course, we should not exaggerate too much - the issue is not of today and yesterday, as we are already accustomed to the fact that these things are just like that with the Android ecosystem. However, it would be useful if Google does not update up to more versions soon, then only manufacturers will be able to deliver the possible one or two faster.