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Has technology interfered too much into our lives? Are we paying a heavy price in return for the benefits that new technology offers? These are some of the questions that beg to be asked in today's day and age.

Many years back when I had to give my clients an invoice, I used to get it typed on my manual typewriter. Most people at that time used to provide handwritten invoices. The internet had just arrived but was limited to dial-up modems (28k and 56K) and the phone line used to remain engaged as long as the internet connection was on. We have come a long way from those days. Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds in a manner no one could have ever imagined. It has entirely taken over and rules our lives today.

The small piece of technology called a smartphone that we carry in our pockets practically does everything for us now. Connectivity is at its peak. We are connected to our entire network, whether professional or personal, virtually in real time. Our friends could be halfway across the globe, but we get an update almost instantly of any event they may be celebrating. Any information we want on any topic under the sun is available in a matter of seconds. There is hardly anything that our phones cannot do. If you go to the Google store, you will find an app for practically anything and everything. All your social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. integrate very quickly with our phones. Online shopping is another concept that has changed our lifestyles. We can practically order anything online and get it delivered as per our convenience and also choose our method of payment. Is this all good? Of course. It is fantastic. There are no two ways about that. Where then is the issue? First of all is there an issue? Of course, there is. The point my dear friends is that we have got ourselves immersed into technology to such an extent that we have forgotten how to enjoy basic pleasures of life. You meet your friend at the nearby CCD, and during the conversation, there are frequent interruptions thanks to WhatsApp , email updates. What happens? The flow of communication is repeatedly disturbed. The link keeps getting broken. Some families have been reporting that family members are staying in one flat not directly talking to each other. Only sending online messages. Here is the link to an article in the Times of India that I had shared How they kicked their Digital Addiction - TOI In fact, some children had reported severe withdrawal symptoms when their access to the internet was taken away.

So what then is the way out? For adults, it has to be self-regulation.We desperately need to detach ourselves from the digital world for some time and take a break from technology. We need to control that crazy urge to check our phones repeatedly for online messages. To talk about myself, when I used to go for long walks of about 4 kilometres every day,I made it a point not to carry my smartphone. It used to really refresh and relax me. It felt terrific.

In conclusion, all I will say is that to what extent you want technology into your lives is entirely up to you. But you sure need to remember that there can never be any substitute for a face to face interaction, the old-fashioned handshake and a perfect hug. No number of likes or comments on social media can take their place. That's all for now.